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Current Presentations of Assignments will be held on SUNDAY, March 25, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Track X Assignment:
Guidelines for AGD Mastertrack Case Presentation in Dental Materials
Edward J. Swift, DMD, MS
1 - Document a case failure and what was done to correct it related to dental materials.

2 - Share a clinical tip/trick related to dental materials.

Track XI Assignment:
Guidelines for AGD Mastertrack Case Presentation in Pedo/Ortho
Chris Baker, DMD

Identify a pediatric patient whose diagnosis includes one of the categories, and prepare your presentation to include the required information and record.
Chin sling tx
Quad helix tx
Airway workup and referral
Clear the path of eruption tx
Multi-appliance tx
Frenectomy tx
Habit appliance tx
The assignment requires written case report and presentation of the following:
Health History including airway questions
Photos as listed, pre- and post tx
X-rays as listed, pre- and post tx
Summary after tx, explaining expected results, actual results, any problems/challenges, including compliance and description of how tx changed the child's life 

Mastertrack Assignment Presentation Protocol 

Intro Slide:

Discipline (Subject Being Presented)

Clinician (Your Name and Clinic Name)


1. INTRODUCTION (1-3 slides)

Relevant patient history

Pertinent pre-treatment documentation (Probings for perio, radiographs for endo, etc)

Establish and present need for treatment through a supported diagnosis

Define objectives of treatment plan



Each presentation will depend on course leader's requirements (See specific handout from each course leader)

Ensure good photography to clearly exhibit case progression

One slide exhibiting before and after photo 

Describe outcome (in progress, success, failure, etc)


***Place your presentation on a USB drive.  It doesn't hurt to have a copy on an additional USB and/or emailed to an accessible account in case of corrupted files (It happens)*****