NEMTP Executive Boards

Master Track XI

President: Navkiran Dhillon, DMD 
Vice President: Benjamin Tubo, DMD
Secretary: Sarah Eager, DDS, FAGD
Treasurer: Daniel Figueiredo, DMD
Speaker Coordinator: David Pier, DMD 
Hotel Coordinator: Harbpinder Shevchenko, DMD
CE Coordinator: Mario Aboujaoude, DDS, FAGD 
Parliamentarian: Anna Sweet, DMD, FAGD
Social Chair: Ben Lawlor, DDS

Master Track XII 

President: Rebecca Berry, DMD
Vice President: John Fitzsimons, DMD, FAGD
Secretary: Kristen Harvey, DDS, FAGD
Treasurer: Zachary Reagan, DMD
Speaker Coordinator: Mia Fitzgerald, DMD, FAGD
Hotel Coordinator: Jeffrey Glavin, DDS, FAGD
CE Coordinator: Mark Small, DMD, FAGD
Parliamentarian: Andrea Fallon, DMD
Social Chair: Brenda Nishimura, DDS, FAGD

* Only dentists in the NEMTP are permitted to hold a position *

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