New Member Registration

AGDThis registration is for Track XII, beginning  September 2018.

Registration for Track XIII which beings in March 2021 will be open in September, 2020.

To reserve your spot,  print this page and send the completed form with a check for $800.00 to:

Dr. Zachary Reagan
Treasurer, Master Track XII
440 Narragansett Trail
Buxton, ME 04093 
Email:  [email protected]

*Although the first payment due is $800, future installments will require the entire year to be covered in one payment, $1600 per year due in March of that year.

*All checks should be payable to: New England Master Track Program. Please note that the total tuition is subject to change by vote of the current membership in order to meet the financial obligations of the organization. Our goal is to keep tuition at a minimum yet still attract speakers of the highest caliber in their respective fields. All reserved members of future tracks will be notified of any tuition changes well in advance of the start of the next track.

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