Current Assignments

Next Presentation of Assignments will be held on SUNDAY, March 19, 2023

No prior level of skill, knowledge, or experience required of participants other than DDS or DMD degree.

NEMTP Goals:

**Each procedure is to be documented with photography to create clinical images on a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation.

Track XII Assignment:

Fixed Prosthodontics with Dr. Suh: 

Present something that you took away that is a tangible difference you were able to make in your practice such as case acceptance, being more conservative (e.g. onlay vs. crown), role play for better treatment planning conversations (what have you struggled with and learned from)

Track XIII Assignment:

Periodontics with Dr. Hempton - one of the below cases:

Photographic documentation for the free gingival graft includes a buccal view of the following:
- Pretreatment view of mucogingival defect
- Surgical bed preparation
- Graft sutured in place
- One week and suture removal
- One month postoperative
Photographic documentation for either the aesthetic or functional crown lengthening procedure includes:
- Pretreatment view
- Initial incision
- Pre-Osseous view
- Post osseous view
- Suturing
- One week postoperative
- 8 weeks postoperative
Photographic documentation for phase I treatment includes:
- Pretreatment view
- Buccal view of posterior dentition in centric occlusion
- Buccal view of anterior dentition in centric occlusion
- Occlusal photo maxillary dentition
- Clinical photo of mandibular dentition
- Copies of periodontal charting and images of radiographs are also required.

General Master Track Assignment Presentation Protocol

Intro Slide:

    Discipline (Subject Being Presented)
    Clinician (Your Name and Clinic Name)

1. INTRODUCTION (1-3 slides)

    Relevant patient history
    Pertinent pre-treatment documentation (probings for perio, radiographs for endo, etc.)
    Establish and present need for treatment through a supported diagnosis
    Define objectives of treatment plan


    Each presentation will depend on course leader's requirements (See specific handout from each course leader)
    Ensure good photography to clearly exhibit case progression
    One slide exhibiting before and after photo     

    Describe outcome (in progress, success, failure, etc)

***Place your presentation on a USB drive.  It doesn't hurt to have a copy on an additional USB and/or emailed to an accessible account in case of corrupted files (It happens)***

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