NEMTP Policies


The NEMTP is a 5-year program and not an a-la-carte CE lecture series.  Therefore, course tuition is due regardless of attendance.  By March of each year, dues of $2,400 are due for the entire year, not each session.

Credits will only be awarded for accounts that are financially up-to-date.


A block of rooms at the hotel is reserved at a special group rate.  Included in this rate is a fee paid to the hotel that covers the cost of breakfast, refreshments during breaks, social hours and conference room set-up.  It is important that the member book their hotel room through the NEMTP block directly through the hotel.

If a member is local or not staying at the hotel or reserves outside the block, that member is responsible for the hotel incidental fee to cover those expenses (cost of one night).  


Missed Full Weekend

 If a full weekend is missed, NEMTP allows a maximum of 2 missed weekends.  Historically, this was not allowed, but it became apparent that recruitment would be enhanced if potential track participants knew there was an ability to make up for a missed session.  This has been a contentious part of past Tracks, but modern leadership felt it was necessary to offer such a concession, as long as it didn’t dilute the experience for those within the track.  As NEMTP now mandates a first and last year’s tuition, the group feels comfortable allowing missed sessions, as it will not affect the revenue of the 5-year Track.  It is critical for future participants to know that a significant amount of time had passed where tracks had a high rate of missed sessions, which translated to a high degree of attrition.  As the 5-year program is contingent upon anticipated revenue, this is the only solution that guarantees a prevention of dilution of the program, while at the same time, provide an avenue for remediation in the event of a significant life event that precludes someone from attending a NEMTP weekend session.

 1)    Attend the NEMTP session of a subsequent Track (this would possibly result in not walking with the group during the Mastership ceremony).  If the NEMTP participant decides to attend the subsequent track (2.5 years later) instead of attending their own track's originally scheduled subject matter, it is at the discretion of the individual, but they will not get credit for the coursework of their Tracks’s coursework.  Alternatively, the NEMTP participant that misses a session could take the coursework at a second subsequent track (5 years later).  Under both circumstances, the participant would also be expected to present their coursework in the usual manner to satisfy the “Protocol Course” requirements as defined by the PACE Guidelines of the AGD. 

 2)    Attend a MasterTrack session of a different MasterTrack Program (location, attendance, course fees, presentation, and acquired credits are the responsibility of the individual).  For those seeking this method, please contact the AGD for an updated list of alternative MasterTrack programs.  The presentation for this subject matter must be done at the alternative MT Program in order to receive the presentation credits.  NOTE:  If this remedy is sought, one is not allowed to present to the group for presentation credits.  Only those that attended the full session can present to the group at the subsequent 6-month meeting. 

 3)    Find other CE opportunities that fulfill missed credits.  Keep in mind that some hands-on components may be tough to find. 

 Missed Presentation (Only)

 1)    Absence from Sunday presentations results in loss of “doubling” of previous session's credits.  See credit explanation for more details on the “Protocol Method” in the PACE Guidelines.

 2)    Departure from Sunday presentations earlier than completion of the day's presentations results in loss of all presentation credits, including the doubling of credits from the homework assignment.  This is non-negotiable regardless of reason. 

 3)    If participant attended the lecture but no presentation was given, 8 hours of lecture credit will be provided.  A MAXIMUM of 2 sessions allowed without doing a presentation.  If a 3rd session is done without a presentation, the NEMTP member will be asked to be removed from the program, as much of the success of the program comes from seeing our peers and their trials and tribulations on Sundays. 

 4)    Previous tracks allowed presentation credits if the homework assignment was presented to the course lecturer by means other than Sunday presentation (email, skype, etc).  The PACE committee and the AGD has recently made guidelines against this.  If you do not present on Sunday, you do not get the presentation and doubling credits. 

 Missed one lecture session

 If one lecture is missed, the participant will lose 8 hours for the lecture and lose 8 hours of homework, as homework hours are based on a one-to-one basis to the lecture/participation hours.  This would result in the following:

  -If Friday (lecture) is missed, but the participant was present for the hands-on Saturday course and did the homework and presentation, they would receive 8 participation credits, 8 homework credits, and 8 presentation credits, totaling 24 participation credits.

 -If Saturday (hands-on component) is missed, but the participant was present for Friday lecture and did the homework and presentation, they would receive 8 lecture credits, 8 homework credits (as lecture) and 8 presentation credits, totaling 24 participation credits.

 -For those that miss half of a day, the credit hours will be allocated in a similar fashion as above.  


You will spend 8 hours in a lecture on both Friday and Saturday and 4+ hours on Sunday reviewing the presentations. Participants can earn up to 20 hours. If the homework and the presentation are successfully completed participants can earn up to 20 more hours.  The total number of hours earned for each session is 16-40 hours. 

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