NEMTP Policies


The NEMTP is a 5-year program and not an a-la-carte CE lecture series.  Therefore, course tuition is due regardless of attendance.  By March of each year, dues of $2,400 are due for the entire year, not each session.

Credits will only be awarded for accounts that are financially up-to-date.


The Double Tree Hotel maintains a block of rooms at the hotel at a special group rate.  Included in this rate is a fee paid to the hotel that covers the cost of breakfast, refreshments during breaks, social hours and conference room set-up.  It is important that the member book their hotel room through the NEMTP block directly through the hotel.

If a member is local or not staying at the hotel, that member is responsible for the hotel fee of $50 per day (3 days) to cover those expenses.  


Missed Full Weekend

If a full weekend is missed, a member has the following options:
    1.   Attend the NEMTP session of the subsequent Track which will result in not walking with the group during the Mastership ceremony.  A credit in tuition will be given by the subsequent Track but the
         member will not receive twice the credits.
    2.  Attend a Master Track session of a different Master Track program and present to that Track.
    3.  Find other CE opportunities that fulfill missed credits.

Missed Presentation Only

   1.   Absence from Sunday presentations results in loss of "doubling" of previous session credits
   2.  Departure from Sunday presentations earlier than completion of rest of Track results in loss of all presentation credits, including "doubling" from the homework assignment.
   3.  If attended lecture but no presentation given, 4 hours of lecture credit is provided.  A maximum of 2 sessions is allowed without doing a presentation.
   *Presentations will not be allowed to be given to the speaker by email, skype, etc.  This practice is prohibited by AGD PACE.

Missed One Lecture Session

If one lecture is missed, the participant will lose 8 hours for the lecture.  For those that miss half of a day, the credit hours will be allocated for half a day.


You will spend 8 hours in a lecture on both Friday and Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday reviewing the presentations. Participants can earn up to 20 hours. If the homework and the presentation are successfully completed participants can earn up to 20 more hours.  The total number of hours earned for each session is 40 hours. 

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